16 May 2011

Handmade: Super Hero Cape + Mask

 I managed to get a bit of sewing done at the weekend. Joseph has been taking about super heroes non-stop this week. Apparently his Dad is a super man, he is super boy, I am super woman and Lily is super baby! With all this talk of super heroes I thought it would be great to make a costume so he can play dress up.

Using blue cotton fabric, some felt and ribbon I came up with this. I realised too late that I should have tried to find a pattern or tutorial but it worked out in the end! I love how quick it was to make, in total it took about 1.5 hours from coming up with the idea + working out a simple pattern to the finished cape and mask.

Joseph was amazed when he saw it and wanted to wear it straight away. We went down to the small playground near our flat and he delighted in jumping around in front of the other kids. The best reaction has to be the 3 year old who on seeing Joseph said "Wow, there's Batman" to his sister!

The only downside to the costume is that Joseph was a bit disappointed that he couldn't fly. He really thought he'd be able to and was asking why it wasn't working. I managed to catch a few blurry snaps of him larking around luckily it didn't take him long to forget the flying part!


  1. wowster!
    well done, this is so cool!!!

    guess I will have to make one the day my boy is a bit oler :)

  2. I keep meaning to make one for Mini,but I really worry about the ties and choaking and havnt come up with an alternative yet

  3. Thanks Peggy!

    Regarding the ties, I did consider using velcro but didn't have any to hand. As he will only use it when I am with him (it is kept out of his reach) I decided to use ribbon ties. If your child is older and therefore likely to use the cape alone in their room for example then an alternative is probably best.

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  5. Nice work, Isa ! Look at him fly :)

  6. Love it Isa! According to Ila she wants to be a superhero secret agent when she grows up, she would be crazy about this. Lovely photos too: )