Welcome to the Noisette Kids blog!

ABOUT US: Noisette Kids makes and sells happy things for children. It's that simple. It's our mission + our passion to make the world a happier place for kids. On the surface we make happy things: art prints to brighten up their rooms, stationery for them learn the value of written notes and thank yous, party goods + invitations that are fun without featuring commercial cartoon characters. Behind the scenes we give a percentage of our profits or donate goods to charities that help children.

OUR MOTTO IS: Make it happy.

HOW WE DO THIS: By injecting some fun + colour in everything we do.

THIS BLOG: Features fun projects I do with my kids, crafting, baking, drawing and learning. I also post work in progress, possible new designs + happy illustrations to brighten up your day.

THE KID TEST: Our designs are tested out on my children. 2 year old Joseph and 8 month old Lily. If they like them (yes even the baby has an opinion) then we go ahead and put it into production!

WHY I SAY 'OUR' + 'WE': Noisette Kids is technically a one-women business but my two children are a big part of what I do. They provide daily inspiration as well as guidance on which direction to take. My son will often help me make moodboards and style photoshoots so when I say 'our work' I mean him too!