20 Apr 2011

Homemade ABC cards


My almost 3 year old has shown an interest in reading and writing for some time now. He can recognise some letters like J (for Joseph) O (which he remembers as it's the same as a circle) and S (which is like a snake). I decided to make some alphabet cards for him using some foam letters he got in a craft kit for Christmas. The foam letters are raised stickers with a peel-off backing paper. I simply cut up some card and stuck the letters on. So simple, yet effective.

As the letters are raised they are more tactile than just looking at printed letters. He can touch them, trace his fingers over and we play a game where we try and guess what shape the letters look like. Hence S looks like a snake. I haven't thought that far ahead yet as he's still not 3 for another few months but instead I try to follow his lead and answer any questions he throws my way.

He also has alphabet fridge magnets that were another gift and he likes playing with those and guessing the letters. Again, I think the tactile nature of being able to touch something 3D really helps little people grasp the concept a bit easier.

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  1. What a wonderful idea! Thanks so much for sharing!