11 Apr 2011

Ganbare Nippon: Don't give up Japan!

When I was asked a few weeks ago if I would like to be involved in Illustration Rally's Japan Tsunami appeal I jumped at the chance to contribute a piece or artwork to their Etsy shop with all proceeds going to charity. I wanted to create an exclusive illustration that would be fun whilst also providing a feeling of hope for the Japanese people.

Like others all over the world, my heart broke watching the news coverage of the destruction caused by the earthquake and tsunami. As a mother, I found it particularly heartbreaking to think of all the displaced children, the horrors they have seen and their childhood innocence cruelly taken away along with many family members and their homes. I don't know what will become of these children. I hope once their immediate needs are met that they will get ongoing support to help them through this tragedy.

In the meantime, here is my contribution to Illustration Rally's Ganbare Nippon appeal. Inspired by my son's love of the film Up and one of his favourite toys, I designed a happy turtle bringing the gift of hope to Japan's children. The film Up has a poetic beauty to it with themes of loss, hope and optimism for the future so fitting inspiration in this case.

This print will be available soon in the Ganbare Nippon charity shop. All proceeds go to charity. I will make sure to announce when it's available on the Noisette Kids facebook page and Twitter account so make sure you are following.

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