30 Mar 2011

It's raining

Every now and again I go back to old ideas and see if I can use them. This little cloud had been doodled some time ago as well as different incarnations. Today, inspired by the rain I brightened him up a bit with some fresh Spring colours and played around with a simple pattern idea. I would love to develop the Noisette Kids brand in the future with fabric, clothing and even wallpaper and I think this cute little guy would be perfect!

The saying "Even if it's raining life deserves a little smile" is my nod to some of the cute Kawaii items out there that often have a little quote that is so sweet but usually a bit random! My sisters and I love these sayings and here are a few from items around my house.

"Have a nice week"
"You make me smile. Brighten my day and warm my heart"
"Full of dreams and full of hopes"
"Smiles and laughter are very contagious. Share them with a friend"
"A well spent day brings happy life"

1 comment:

  1. I love little quotations that make you smile. Love the little cute cloud :)