26 Mar 2011

Coming soon! Party kits.

Party kits, coming soon to the shop.
I've been working on party kits for the shop. There will be cupcake flags + mini bunting kits in a variety of colours + patterns. I've also got a range of 6 kids invitations on the way with matching decorations {bunting, cupcake toppers, food labels, thank you cards + gift tags!}. It has been so fun designing these so I hope they are well received. I have lots more ideas for themes in the future too.

The British Street party kit was another fun one to make. I decided to put together a British themed kit for all the street parties taking place for the Royal Wedding in April. I think the kit would work all year round for British themed parties, tea parties and weddings too. Wouldn't the mini flags be a fun addition to cucumber sandwiches?

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  1. its lovely , Isa. I've been working on party kits for the longest time..its an inspiration to see this and get 'em rolling !